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Event occurred on: 6-16-2021

Cyber Threat: It’s Not IF, It’s When

Freshfields Counsel Brock Dahl will be speaking at the Forum for Corporate Directors panel Cyber Threat: It’s Not IF, It’s When.

The upcoming panel discussion will explore the following questions:

  • Why should I recognize that I am vulnerable to a cyber breach?
  • How clearly has cyber-risk been defined, in terms of business impact, by management?
  • What third-party resources are being used to validate the company’s risk mitigation on cybersecurity and data privacy? Does the board have access to these resources?
  • What are some of the lessons learned from SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline that are relevant to all businesses?
  • What do Boards and companies get wrong in addressing cyber risk and assessments?
  • Where should the next cybersecurity dollars be invested based on the evolving threat landscape and mitigating all risks is impossible?

Friends of Freshfields can use code CYBER21 upon checkout to register for free.


Brock Dahl

Partner, Freshfields

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