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Event occurred on: 5-6-2024 to 5-9-2024

RSA Conference 2024

Location: San Francisco

RSA Conference is where the security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and have access to the experts, unbiased content and ideas that help enable individuals and companies advance their cybersecurity posture and build stronger and smarter teams.

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Partner Beth George will be speaking on the panel “Regulation on the Horizon: What You Wish Your Lawyer Had Told You About”. Governments are passing new regulations faster than VC funds dried up in the Valley. From the SEC’s new rules to California’s proposed cybersecurity audits and the FTC’s novel legal theories on AI to personal liability, there are more opportunities to keep lawyers up at night than ever. Come find out what’s novel, gnarly, and insane—and why to buy your counsel’s next beer.

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Beth George

Partner, Freshfields

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