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Event occurred on: 6-15-2023

Managing Risk Amidst Decoupling: Navigating evolving US-China relations

Time: June 15, 8:30AM - 10AM ET

Freshfields and Control Risks invite you to join us for a panel discussing options for navigating evolving US-China relations.

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Please join us as our panelists examine a range of topics that include:

  • How decoupling and de-risking will impact U.S. headquartered companies and emerging tech
  • The implications of a US technology blockade and the evolving U.S. government regulatory environment
  • What the US curbing of technology transfers and investments to China could mean
  • Managing potential retribution and countermeasures from China
  • How companies should prepare for expanded enforcement of the new Chinese anti-espionage law
  • Preparing for potential strategic miscalculations by the US and Chinese governments 

Register here to attend. The password to register is june152023.


Event location

Control Risks,
2020 K Street, Floor P1,
Washington, DC 20006

Freshfields speakers

Brock Dahl

Partner, Freshfields

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Aimen Mir

Partner | Foreign Investment and National Security | Head of CFIUS Practice, Freshfields

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