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Event occurred on: 2-22-2022

Understanding and Mitigating Potential Corporate Anti-Terrorism Act Liability in a Post-JASTA World

Time: 11am-12pm EST

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The Anti-Terrorism Act has become a growing source of concern for businesses—both in the United States and abroad. The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) broadened the scope of the ATA, and as a result, terrorism-related suits are on the rise. Plaintiffs invoking the ATA, which provides for treble damages, have sued banks, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and more, and have claimed that recent legal victories make their claims more likely to succeed.

Please join us for a live webinar as our panelists examine a range of topics that include:

  • Nuts and bolts of the ATA
  • Key case law developments
  • Practical realities for businesses operating in high-risk regions
  • Why liability is not always intuitive
  • Best practices on how to mitigate ATA risk

Freshfields speakers:

Timothy Harkness

Partner, Freshfields

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Linda H. Martin

Co-Head, US Commercial Litigation , Freshfields

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Scott Eisman

Special Counsel , Freshfields

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