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Event occurred on: 3-22-2023

Tax Talks Series: What’s next for European joint tax audits?

Time: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Increasing levels of tax transparency and exchange of tax information between tax authorities across Europe have resulted in intensified scrutiny of cross-border transactions in tax audits and investigations.

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Businesses are more frequently dealing with simultaneous, sometimes coordinated but often uncoordinated, investigations into cross-border tax matters. This has led to calls for a recognised framework for cross-border tax audits – but this has been hampered by the absence of an explicit legal basis for such audits. However, recent changes to EU-wide tax administration rules pave the way for a legal framework for coordinated joint tax audits between EU Member States.

Join us for the next in our series of Tax Talks, exclusively available to our contacts, where our panel will discuss:

  • Why the number of joint tax audits in Europe is likely to increase;
  • The existing and future legal framework for joint tax audits in Europe; and
  • Key practical strategy considerations for businesses dealing with joint tax audits.

Freshfields speakers

Claude Stansbury

Partner, Freshfields

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Eelco van der Stok

Partner, Freshfields

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Dr. Philipp Redeker

Partner, Freshfields

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María Mera

Counsel, Freshfields

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