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Event occurred on: 10-30-2023 to 11-2-2023

International Bar Association Annual Conference Paris 2023

Time: 11:15 - 12:30 AM EST

Freshfields Co-Head of US Corporate and M&A Damien Zoubek will be speaking on the panel “M&A dealmaking in uncertain times: tools for success” at IBA’s Annual Conference Paris 2023. Freshfields partner, Timothy Harkness, will also be speaking on the panel "The use (and misuse) of artificial intelligence in dispute resolution".

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Uncertainty is the new normal. Access to financing is unreliable and interest rates are high, commodities and product markets are disrupted by war and other geopolitical forces, governments are responding with sanctions and tightened FDI controls, new risks are spreading globally at a high speed.

How will artificial intelligence replace, enhance, and undermine dispute resolution and the rule of law? How good will it get at predicting legal outcomes, turning data into stories, finding signs of fraud, discovering fact patterns, selecting the best jurors, and identifying relevant documents? Will judges use ChatGPT to draft their opinions? Will lawyers use it to draft their briefs? Will mediators use it to arrive at settlement ideas? Will clients use it in place of their lawyers? This is no longer the stuff of mere science fiction, and this timely and informative session will delve deeply into how it will change our professions and the services we provide to our clients.

Freshfields Speakers

Damien Zoubek

Partner, Co-Head of US Corporate and M&A, Freshfields

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Timothy Harkness

Partner, Freshfields

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