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International arbitration

Global projects

Our global team helps clients prevent and resolve disputes arising from the design, engineering, construction and operation of large and complex projects undertaken throughout the world.

The unique challenge

Construction disputes pose unique challenges. Legal advisers need both the knowledge to grapple with underlying technical issues, and the ability to present complex, fact-heavy claims persuasively at tribunal. The scale and length of these cases demand substantial resources, but also a close understanding of local legal intricacies.

Experienced advisers are difficult to find: there are few high-value construction disputes worldwide each year so single-country teams are rarely involved in more than a handful, and even then across only one or two industries.

A coordinated global response 

Our lawyers work worldwide so see much more. Decades of advising decision-makers, acting for and against governments, and representing the world’s biggest businesses means we appreciate all the angles. We’ve advised on projects ranging from real estate to energy infrastructure, and airports, road networks and railways. We use this experience to spot and resolve risks early, or anticipate and avoid them altogether. 

Industry-specific knowledge

Engineering and construction cases pose discrete and particular issues, in evidentiary, procedural, and substantive law terms. Presenting claims in relation to these projects requires knowledge and understanding of the underlying technical issues, together with the ability to present complex, fact-heavy claims efficiently and persuasively to a tribunal.

We also work closely with the world’s top independent experts analysing delay and disruption, quantum and technical claims. We provide strategic advice to assist with claims management, negotiated outcomes and support clients on mediation.

In-house advocacy capabilities

Many of our global projects disputes lawyers undertake their own advocacy. Not only does the level of knowledge retention from this expertise add to the efficiency of their advice, but having lawyers with these key skills as part of your core team will mean that the service we provide is more cost effective than ever.

Additionally, our wider international arbitration team has five in-house KCs, which is more than any other firm, based in offices across the globe ready to assist with any mandate. This differentiates us from competitors, and means our team advocate in some of the most complex and high profile cases globally.


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