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'Transactions' podcast series

Essential Antitrust #12: Merger control: are we witnessing a paradigm shift?

In the US, there are sweeping proposals in Congress for stricter merger control laws. In the EU, the European Commission is encouraging referral requests from Member States, even where transactions fall below merger control thresholds. In the UK, the revised Merger Assessment Guidelines seek to give the CMA more flexibility to find competition issues. All the while, different regulators are on record calling for tougher overall enforcement against consolidation. Intensified merger control around the globe will mean more – and less predictable – merger filings, making deal-making more complex.

In our 12th episode, Jenn Mellott speaks with Alastair Chapman, Megan Rissmiller and Sascha Schubert about how companies can navigate the increasingly daunting merger control landscape.

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