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Client sustainability

Building sustainable futures.

The operating environment for multinational companies is more complex than ever. Rising wealth inequality and the fallout from the global financial crisis has put pressure on the relationship between business and society.

In response, closer scrutiny is being paid to governance standards and corporate behavior, while leading CEOs have sparked debate about whether businesses exist to serve shareholders or a broader set of stakeholders that includes communities and employees.

The role of business in contributing – and responding – to issues such as climate change has also brought environmental performance into sharp focus. Companies are being sued over their historic emissions, while investors are demanding greater transparency on climate-related risk. Businesses are also under pressure to dispose of high-carbon assets as regulations evolve, and consumers and investors shift away from those that promote unsustainable practices.

We are acutely aware of the challenges this dynamic presents our clients at the sharp end of this increasingly complex environment.

By drawing on our experience across practices and jurisdictions, we provide strategic legal advice to support clients transition towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

We help them seize the opportunities and manage the risks of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, handling everything from advanced due diligence around corporate transactions to some of the highest-profile climate change-related lawsuits in the world.

"The creation of long-term prosperity is only possible when there is a focus on the nurturing and advancing of the health of our environment and the rights of all persons. We advise clients on how to collaborate with, employees, suppliers, investors and communities on managing the risks and discovering the opportunities essential for achieving a sustainable and prosperous future."

Tim Wilkins, Global Partner for Client Sustainability

Our sustainability practice is built around four key client challenges:

Strategic policy advice for sustainability

Regulation is on the rise in the field of sustainability. Our expert EU regulatory and public affairs team can offer strategic policy advice to help navigate and shape legislation and administrative decisions.

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Protecting what's precious

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