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Data privacy and security

Helping our clients leverage and protect the value of their data

Freshfields operates at the complex intersection of data privacy regulation, competitive strategy, and cybersecurity risk.

With dedicated experts across the US, Europe and Asia working seamlessly together, data privacy and security is at our core. We bring in experts across IP, employment, antitrust, tax and consumer law to deliver integrated advice that stands up to scrutiny from multiple regulators and overlapping trends in data privacy and cybersecurity regulation, risk management and technological innovation.

Data Privacy Strategy and Digital Transformation.

We regularly support companies on digital transformation projects and data-driven product and service innovation. Leveraging our global and integrated data privacy regulation know-how, we implement privacy-by-design approaches and help companies monetize data, ensuring the processing and profiling practices of innovators are compliant with data privacy regimes around the world, as well as meeting data ethics requirements.

Transaction Counseling.

We help clients assess the data privacy and security components of their transactional pursuits. Analyzing transactions from various positions, we provide deep insights into data-related risks, helping clients devise business-oriented solutions while protecting their businesses from acquiring vulnerabilities. Further, as global authorities investigate the antitrust and consumer law implications of data uses, we can mobilize our multidisciplinary team to offer a holistic data strategy.

Data Security and Litigation.

Freshfields is a market-leader in handling data crises, investigations, class actions and regulatory engagement (including GDPR, CCPA, FTC, SEC, DFS and other proceedings). We bring that same expertise to bear in data security strategy and compliance implementation. In the event of a data incident, we help companies respond in a way that manages their exposure, positions them to defend follow-on litigation in multiple jurisdictions, and ensures that they can quickly rebuild consumer and stakeholder trust. We also engage as a partner with clients in considering data security investment, strategy, and compliance decisions across jurisdictions. Our global team includes lawyers who have held senior posts with governmental and regulatory authorities, and we pride ourselves in understanding multiple perspectives across jurisdictions on an incident.

Freshfields is a global thought leader at the forefront of data law and market practice. By leveraging our experience at the cutting edge of technological and regulatory evolution, we offer clients unrivalled insights and 360-degree, commercially-minded solutions to the complex demands of the digital era.

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