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Horizon 2020

Critical intelligence for boards in a fast-changing world.


January 2020

Welcome to Freshfields' Horizon 2020.

The operating environment for multinational corporations in 2020 is set to be more volatile than ever. Economic conditions are uncertain, geopolitical instability casts a long shadow over global markets, regulatory regimes are evolving at speed and debate about the role of business in modern society continues to rage.

Against this backdrop, the boards of public companies face a host of challenges. How can a coherent, long-term strategy be constructed when the short-term outlook is so dynamic? What impact will climate change and other environmental and sustainability concerns have on businesses and markets? How can technology be harnessed for growth amid shifting regulatory regimes? And how should directors engage with investors whose objectives may not always match their own?

Delivering success requires a sophisticated understanding of this rapidly changing landscape. On the pages that follow we explore the key issues for boards and management in 2020, and offer practical guidance on how best to respond.

With clarity of thought and careful preparation, every challenge can be addressed — and every risk becomes an opportunity. Best wishes from us all at Freshfields for a prosperous 2020.

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